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May's Luncheon Speaker Dan Penner

Next Alumni Luncheon Wednesday June 10, 2015

Speaker - Katie George

She was recently crowned 2015 Miss Kentucky USA.

Katie plays for the U of L Volleyball team as "Setter".

She is an alumnus of Assumption High where she played
volleyball under Ron Kordes, Flaget class of 1965.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Flaget Alumni Association is to promote Christian fellowship with its members as follows:

      *   By sustaining the friendships developed while attending our beloved Flaget High School.
      *   By sustaining the unique spirit bestowed upon all who were a part of Flaget High School.
      *   By developing educational and charitable grants to memorialize the spirit and memory
           of Flaget High School so its spirit may be passed on to the generations of the future.
      *   By supporting the ministry of the Xaverian Brothers to honor and celebrate their
           commitment to education and the poor and our communion with the Brothers.

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