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August's Luncheon Speaker John McGrath

Next Alumni Luncheon Wednesday September 9, 2015

Speaker - Richard Lechleiter

President of the Catholic Education Foundation.
CEF provides tuition assistance to families who cannot afford the
full cost of a Catholic elementary education for their children.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Flaget Alumni Association is to promote Christian fellowship with its members as follows:

      *   By sustaining the friendships developed while attending our beloved Flaget High School.
      *   By sustaining the unique spirit bestowed upon all who were a part of Flaget High School.
      *   By developing educational and charitable grants to memorialize the spirit and memory
           of Flaget High School so its spirit may be passed on to the generations of the future.
      *   By supporting the ministry of the Xaverian Brothers to honor and celebrate their
           commitment to education and the poor and our communion with the Brothers.

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